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by guruketepalli
Jan 23, 2010
9:43 AM

Being evaluated


1. Very user friendly UI which can save lot of time by just drag and drop.
2. Has the logging enabled. All warnings or errors will be logged in the event log for diagnosing the issues in the tool.
3. Has the ability to provide SSP Site in the textbox provided in the top of the tool by which we can select which SSP site profile properties we want to change the order.
4. Able to change order of User Profile Properties within no time.
5. Update changed order properties to the backend.
6. Reset the changed the order of properties.

How to Use
• Double click the exe from the copied location.
• Provide the SSP site link in the textbox available in top of this tool.
• Click on the button “>>” which will retrieve all the user profile properties and display in the tree view.
• It will display all the properties in black font and sections in blue font which resembles like SSP site display style.
• Drag the property or section and drop in the required place.
• Perform the step 5 till you place all properties or sections in the required order.
• Click on Update button for submitting to backend
• Click on Reset button if you want to bring the changed order to the original state.


by guruketepalli
Jan 23, 2010
9:57 AM


Source code for this tool.

Applied Jan 23, 2010: Source code developed for user profile re-ordering.


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